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I am a restaurant manager and there is a huge amount of maths involved in my job including scheduling, cost control, profit and loss analysis, marketing fees and daily, weekly and monthly projections. It is a $6 million dollar a year business.

Maths is a vital part of our business because it helps us with profit and loss. There is a huge amount of maths as far as cash counting goes. Cash control becomes a breeze if you understand the numbers. We have to make sure our registers balance at the end of the day.

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I regularly hold interviews and maths is a huge part of the process. This is a first job for a lot of young people. My advice to anyone who wants to join a management team would be stay at school for as long as possible. Someone who can display a fantastic level of maths is the kind of person that we’re after, because you're going to understand the business - which will help us achieve much better results.

Maths Online is an initiative from McDonalds to try and get kids really involved in maths. It is going to help kids go through school with a better understanding of maths and that’s great.

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