I think maths is a vital component of future work choices. In the trades, a sound knowledge of maths is crucial. The industry is always changing, the requirements for data cabling being one of the new things we do.

My daily work as an electrician involves the installation of new electrical wiring and equipment as well as the maintenance of existing systems. I use maths and physics constantly. A large part of my day consists of liaising with customers, builders and other trades to make sure the task at hand is done right and on time.

I determine the loading of electrical circuits and select the correct cables or circuit breakers to match. This involves the use of different tables and values to reach the answer. From simple equations including Ohms law I can convert watts to amps to volts.

Calum_Craigie Calum_Craigie Calum_Craigie

I do a lot of measuring for marking out to make sure that rows of light fittings are at a consistent spacing even over very long distances. I own the business, so the ordering of materials, quoting and estimating time and materials comes down to me too. I like the variety in my job. I am always doing different things in different places and working with new people.

You get a great sense of achievement by seeing the practical outcome of your efforts. After 30 years I still get a thrill when I flick the switch and the globe lights up.

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