I use mathematical modelling to examine on-time performance and fuel consumption for Jetstar. A lot of the work involves analysing historical information, calculating the percentages of delays that relate to different causes and providing a summary of where the company should focus their efforts if they want to improve performance.

My PhD was related to airline planning, in particular aircraft routing. The variables I looked at included crew assignment, ground staff, fuel consumption and issues such as unexpected maintenance requirements. Analysis of this information helps to make decisions about staffing, fuel and other costs and whether to delay a flight or assign a spare aircraft.

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Whilst I studied maths at university because I loved it, for those that don't love it, having a good grasp of the mathematics taught in Years 11 and 12 allows you to have greater choices in your career, and is highly valued by future employers.

I find maths has been an incredible advantage to my career. I use integer programming, statistics, linear programming and develop algorithms to suit particular problems. Maths gives me the skills to communicate technical ideas to the non-technically minded. I love my job because I am constantly looking at new and interesting problems within the aviation industry.

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