I work as a hair technician on the floor of a very busy salon. My work involves all aspects of hairdressing, including specialized work such as hair replacement, trichology, hair extensions and additions. As I own the salon, my duties also involve budgeting, marketing, banking, stock control, accounting and tax preparation.

High school maths is extremely important in my job. I completed Year 12 pure and applied mathematics, physics and chemistry, all of which have helped me in my work. I'd say do as much maths as possible at school! You need maths in nearly every aspect of your life not only for your chosen line of work.

If l had no idea about maths, l would be in big trouble. Maths is not only used for the measurement of chemicals and making templates for hair replacement but careful management of the business side of things keeps my salon door open.

Desiree_Crawford Desiree_Crawford Desiree_Crawford

I use maths to do book work and to plan ahead and know when it is time to progress my business to the next step. What I like most about my job is the ability to be creative and to make people feel good. I'm very happy in my chosen career. I wouldn't change it for anything.

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