I am a landscape builder. I spend approximately fifty percent of my time working in the office, estimating and quoting. The rest of my time is out with my team of employees. Every day I need to use maths to measure and calculate quantities of soil, concrete, piping, wiring and pavers.

I use maths in the planning and design of a garden. A landscaper needs to know about scale drawing, area and proportion. We use 3-4- 5- triangles to construct right angles, just like the Egyptians used to do. When doing earthworks it is useful to know that soil reduces to 0.66 of its volume when compressed.

The business side of things requires good skills in estimation of time and cost of materials for quotes. I need trainees with good numeracy skills and a good work ethic. 

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Having maths will open more doors and employment opportunities for your future. What I like best about my job, is the variety of work and job locations and having portable skills to take anywhere in the country. Professional landscaping makes life better and maths makes it easier!

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